A row of parked Carry Transit trucks

Our History

Carry Transit is a proven leader in food grade transportation. Our mission is to efficiently transport our customers’ freight safely, securely and on-time, every time. From our safe and professional drivers to our tracking and technology tools , everything we do is focused on meeting our customers’ supply chain needs and to make it as easy as possible to do business with us.   Carry, a division of Heniff Transportation, is unique in that in can provide a plethora of services that no other company can match.  With nearly 2000 drivers and 100 locations across the country with food grade, chemical, transloading, tank wash, maintenance, 3PL and iso capabilities, Carry is the solution service provider.


Carry Transit has grown  by providing high-quality transportation services to industry leaders within the food grade transportation industry. Safety, experience, integrity, and a solid track record of performance has earned Carry a reputation as one of the nation's leading carriers specializing in food grade hauling.


Our commitment to safety, security, and superior customer service is paramount to everything we do. We take the time to thoroughly identify and understand each customer's unique needs. As we’ve grown over the years, we have taken great pride to ensure our high-quality service has remained consistent at all levels and across all locations. Our focus is and will always be to deliver our customers freight in a safe, reliable and efficient manner every time.

Capacity / Versatility

Our vast network, combined with our Heniff locations, is nearly 100 terminal, rail transfer and ISO Depot locations provides Carry customers unparalleled coverage, service and tank washing capabilities across North America.   Our network is supported by nearly 2000 professional drivers with thousands of specialty trailers to meet most every food grade and chemical need.   From single 407’s to lined compartment trailers we offer a  wide range of assets to meet our customers’ unique bulk transportation needs.

Geographic Coverage

Our company transports food grade chemicals to all states in the continental U.S. and all provinces in North America Click here for terminal locations.