Food Grade

Man washing a liquid bulk truck

Food Grade Trucking

Carry Transit, a division of Heniff Transportation, operates one of North America’s largest fleets of stainless steel food grade trailers. Since 1979, we have operated primarily as a food grade, kosher and U.S. pharmaceutical (USP) carrier, developing a reputation for service excellence and standard-setting innovation. Being one of the first carriers to be ISO 22000 & FSSC 22000 certified, Carry Transit continues to focus on food safety. Our food safety programs, which include HACCP and HARPC, are designed to meet SQF standards while maintaining product integrity and security.

We consistently exceed our customers’ performance expectations, serving as a liquid and dry bulk distribution partner to some of the world’s leading food manufacturers.

Utilizing very similar operating standards, Carry Transit also provides dry bulk distribution services to the plastic industry utilizing modern self-loading pneumatic trailers.

One of North America's largest bulk transfer networks

Carry Transits' network of bulk transload sites offers our customers a supply chain solution with multi-modal efficiencies. Our sites transloaded over 10,000 railcars in 2020, providing shippers forward positioned product inventory for quicker customer response as well as the economic benefit of long distance rail transportation with the reliability of final delivery by tank truck.

While we offer broad geographic coverage, if your business is unable to utilize an existing Transload site, or if you prefer a dedicated transloading operation, we’d welcome the opportunity to create a new facility in your area.

Consider the features

  • Product-specific operation by either Superior Carriers or Carry Transit
  • Coast-to-coast network of secure transload facilities, including Mexico
  • Segregated food grade and non-food grade products
  • Most sites have multiple Class 1 rail interchanges for competitive rail rates
  • FSSC or ISO 22000 certified and FDA-registered sites for food grade products
  • ACC Responsible Care® Management System (RCMS-2019) certified sites for chemical products
  • All US sites operated as “open” for bulk trucking selection
  • Bonded and grounded track for transloading flammable/combustible products
  • Product-dedicated liquid pump/meter carts and dry bulk conveyors
  • Filtered and dried compressed air
  • Inert gas option for transloading and railcar/truck blanket
  • Railcar heating
  • Certified scales for truck weighing
  • Product blending, sampling and laboratory services
  • Logistics coordination utilizing customer computer systems, including SAP
  • Track and trace railcars through our custom VisiShip TMS
  • Track shipments via our visibility platform at Track.Heniff.Com

Watch the video below to learn more about our Dispatch Operations at Carry Transit, a division of Heniff Transportation