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Be Extraordinary


By Gail Jones

Carry Transit and Heniff Transportation Systems are rolling out its first full-scale corporate marketing campaign, with a call to action to “Be Extraordinary.”

The new initiative highlights historic aspects of Heniff’s brand: a faith in the possibility of extraordinary performance levels through customer partnerships, and the hiring and training of great people who are the foundation of that excellence.

“This campaign is about aspiration, doing right by others, and empowering our people,” said Wes Stone, Heniff Transportation Systems Chief Commercial Officer “It’s about cultivating an environment in which achieving remarkable things becomes commonplace. Our success stems from the intelligence, creativity, and problem-solving abilities of our employees. The ‘Be Extraordinary’ message challenges them to be their best, and celebrates the inherent value of doing things outside the normal course of events, which seeds innovation.”

The branding initiative will be launched to employees and customers through a large-scale communications effort that includes social media, publicity in trade publications, videos, coverage in Heniff’s online and print newsletter The Driving Force, print, and web-based advertising, posters, brochures and premiums.

Stone states that the company’s corporate values and vision always have embodied the message that Heniff can and will go the extra mile for its customers. This capability is enabled by a decentralized management structure that facilitates independent decision-making, as well as a family culture that supports employees’ personal as well as professional lives.

“The same things that make our employees extraordinary in their everyday lives—their values, work ethic, desire to help others, and drive to do better—make them extraordinary at Superior as well,” he said.

According to Heniff management, innovative joint carrier/customer approaches are required to succeed in today’s operating environment, which has long been characterized by a capacity crunch, regulatory pressure, and increasingly urgent environmental concerns. To encourage that kind of teamwork, the campaign is being launched to customers through a new brochure: “12 Ways to Be Extraordinary in Today’s Logistics Environment.” The tack-on-your-bulletin-board flyer provides a “daily dozen” checklist of specific strategies for working with carriers to mitigate capacity issues and enhance service levels.

While Heniff Transportation Systems champions the value of cutting-edge logistics technology, its new campaign focuses on the human side of the bulk distribution business, sending a clear message that personal character, experience and innovation are the primary drivers of excellence.

The company frequently quotes the inspiring words of its former owner, the late John J Burns Jr: “Trucking is an ordinary business that becomes extraordinary through attention and effort.”


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